Advantages of the small hotel format of the Hotel Spa La Colina in front of the coronavirus:

Only 8 rooms located in a natural reserve of 50,000 m2.

Maximum capacity of the hotel is 16 people.

The hotel has a concierge for a personalized service.

Spaces designed for each couple to have private and exclusive places.

The hotel does not accept crowds, because true luxury does not admit crowds.

The hotel does not offer discotheques or spaces to share.

The hotel does not offer leisure activities for groups.

The hotel calls and invites you to have contact with nature by offering private and unique spaces within the forest for your enjoyment.

The hotel, due to its couple format, designed its infrastructure with many private, unique, exclusive and romantic spaces.

The hotel for a quality and personalized service will keep the format of a small hotel.

The hotel has private balconies with hammocks and fireplaces in the upper rooms.

The hotel has a private Jacuzzi, hammocks and fireplaces in the suites.

The hotel has private villas with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, terrace, fireplace, flat hammock and exclusive butler.