For the hotel:


1- the hotel will provide guests with a kit with personalized footwear and antibacterial gel for individual use within the facilities.

2- The hotel will have antibacterial gel in strategic places of the hotel (reception, dining room, pergolas, chillout, bathrooms, massage booths, wet area, kitchen) and will promulgate its use.

3- The hotel will make available to each guest and his family group for their individual private and exclusive use the following facilities

A- Private pergolas for dining room and bar service.

B- Private Jacuzzi, hammocks, fireplace, Rooms and balconies in each of our suites and villas.

C-Private balconies with fireplace, hammocks, tables and lounges in each superior room.

D-Private swimming pool in each villa.

E-room service 24 hours a day.

F-The hotel restricts the use of usually common areas and provides that only individual use by each guest, without sharing the session with any other person, after coordination with the head of each area so:

Flat hammocks in the pool area, and on the trail through our forest.

Jacuzzi in the pool area and in the forest to be used privately by each guest according to previous reservation.

Turkish bath in the wet area to be used privately by each guest upon reservation.

Sauna in the wet area to be used privately by each guest upon reservation.

Recreational jets in the swimming pool to be used privately by each guest upon reservation.

Note: between sessions the hotel will carry out rigorous cleaning and disinfection of these facilities, according to protocols.

On the trail through our magical forest we have ecological constructions for couples or family groups such as:

Viewpoints for hammocks.
Enclosure of silence.
Hand of the forest.
Viewpoint of the hill.

Places that you can also enjoy privately with your partner or family group.

Note: it is not allowed to share between guests the places described above.

4- In the restaurant there will be only 4 tables to guarantee a minimum distance between them of 2 ms.

5- The hotel will not attend groups in the restaurant, bar and spa services.

6- The restaurant and bar services will be exclusive for hotel guests.

7- The external spa service is restricted to only three couples a day.


For Teamwork


1-The hotel will hold workshops and talks with the entire team, to socialize the protocols of covid 19 and keep them informed of the provisions of the competent authorities.

2-At the arrival to the hotel, all the personnel must disinfect their shoes and the exterior of their street clothes, which will be deposited in a bag that the hotel will provide.
In the service area provided for the personnel, they should put on the respective clean uniform that includes shoes.

3- Hands should be washed and disinfected upon entering the hotel, every hour, before and after the service of the dining room, bar, spa and when leaving the hotel.

4-Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing/toasting with a handkerchief or bent elbow and wash your hands immediately.

5-Mouthguards are required for all staff during their workday.

6-Surfaces and objects that are frequently touched must be cleaned and disinfected (Reception, dining room, switches, knobs, taps, handrails, buttons, telephones, handles, controls, etc.)

7-Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands.

8-Receptionists and waiters will wear gloves that will be discarded at the end of each service.

9- All spa personnel will wear new gloves that will be discarded after each procedure.

10- Beauticians will wash and disinfect their hands before putting on the gloves.

11-Hand contact, kisses, hugs, and hugs with clients and co-workers are prohibited, Instead, you should perform a head-swipe, or cross your hands with each other, or cross your arms against your chest.

12-A prudent distance will be maintained according to the activity, both with clients and hotel staff.

13-If any member of the team observes any symptoms of coronavirus in both guests and a colleague should report it immediately to management.

14-If any member of the hotel staff presents any symptoms of the virus, they should report them to management.

15-If any member of the employee's family group with whom he or she lives at home presents symptoms of covid, he or she should report them to management.

16-Long hair should be tied back.

17-Maids and housekeeping personnel shall wear mask, gloves, apron in anti-flow fabric and splash goggles; the gloves shall be discarded at the end of the cleaning activity of the rooms and the entire hotel.

18. The standard of cleanliness and disinfection of all hotel facilities will be redoubled.

19-The surfaces most susceptible to being touched by hands shall be disinfected several times a day.

20-Bedding and towels shall be changed daily, avoiding hugging the sheets and towels, using an adequate container to deposit them.
The service clothes shall be washed with hot water above 60 ºC.

For the guest.


The guest or visitor of the La Colina Hotel Spa, in order to guarantee the health of the other users of the establishment, the service personnel of the hotel and his/her own, during the stay in this establishment, must abide by and comply with the following biosafety protocol in the face of the covid 19 pandemic:

1-A Vehicles entering the hotel will have their tires disinfected.

2-Before the entrance to the reception shall allow an official of the hotel with a sprinkler to apply disinfectant to their shoes and outside of their clothes.

3-At the entrance to the hotel and before approaching the reception, you must wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds and apply disinfectant gel.

4- At the reception desk you will fill out a brief survey to comply with biosecurity standards of the Ministry of Health and the WHO.

5-At the entrance to the room you must deposit the clothes with which you entered the establishment in a colored bag assigned by the hotel, which without any cost will wash them with hot water according to protocol.

6- Must comply with social distancing and the rules and regulations of the WHO, the Ministry of Health and decrees issued by local and national authorities to prevent covid 19.
If a guest presents symptoms of covid 19, he/she should report it to management, and should not leave the room and be isolated until the hotel management activates the biosecurity protocol for covid 19 and is evaluated by official health personnel and competent authorities.


For the user of Spa Service


1-They must also accept the disinfection of shoes and external part of the clothes.

2-Wash and disinfect your hands at the entrance to the hotel and before going to reception.

3- In the dressing room you must put the clothes with which you entered the facilities in a bag arranged for that purpose and put the gown that the hotel will provide.

4-The spa user must wear a mask provided by the hotel before the procedure. In addition, they will wash and disinfect their hands upon entering the spa facilities. And at the end of the procedure.


For suppliers and deliverers.


1-Motorcycles and cars will be disinfected before entering the hotel

2-Mouthpiece must be worn.

3-Deliver the products in the window of the service area and will not enter the hotel.

4-The bags will be disinfected and the products will be washed if they are kitchen products or disinfected if they are other inputs, before entering the warehouse.